James Baughn Author
James Baughn's Amateur Radio background

James Baughn made his first ham radio contact as KN9EOH, operating Morse code on September 23, 1956. He passed his General license in Chicago and while in the Navy, as a radioman, he earned his Extra Class License. He was active in the Navy Military Affiliate Radio System relaying messages to and from military personnel in Vietnam and their loved ones in America. Living in “Sweet” Owen County Indiana he became heavily involved with the amateur radio community. He was the Owen County Amateur Radio Association’s public information officer, secretary and webmaster for their site www.owencountyara.org and has been the Owen County Emergency Coordinator. He checks into the Indiana Traffic Net and Indiana Digital Traffic net.

IBM 1440
James Baughn's computer background

He worked with computer hardware and software beginning in 1966 when he joined IBM as a Field Engineer. The first computer on which he was trained was the IBM 1440 as shown above.

He opened one of the first home computer stores in Indianapolis in early 1977. Some systems sold in the store included Compucolor, Vector Graphic, Apple II and Polymorophics.

Later he covered Indiana and surrounding states working on DEC, Data General and Apollo Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems. These systems utilized the Unix operating system.

He retired from Eli Lilly pharmaceutical company’s Information Technology division in 2007.